US Business Presence Packages

Your Own US Corporation or LLC, EIN, US Office/Address
and US Phone and Fax Numbers




United States Business Presence Package (USBPP)

$725 + $100 for your postage deposit

  • The formation of your Delaware Corporation or LLC - with 24-hour filing 
  • EIN - Federal Tax ID #
  • US Office address (not a box) with Mail Forwarding - first 6 months
  • Various options for telephone and fax service provided by 3rd parties (see below)

Once we receive your order and payment we'll form your Delaware company within 1 business day and your State documents and Corporate kit will be FedEx'd to you approximately 5 business days after that. Your EIN will be retrieved in 1 - 6 weeks (depending on how busy the IRS is, we request your EIN the same day your company is formed), and your mail forwarding account will be setup within 1 business day once we've received and approved your documents. If you need your EIN right away we can get it for you within one day, still following IRS regulations properly, for an additional $100.

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Details of your USBPP

The Formation of your Delaware Corporation or LLC

  • Delaware  LLC or Corporation formed same or next business day
  • State fees INCLUDED
  • Registered Agent: current calendar year FREE
  • Certified Copy of Certificate of Inc/Formation INCLUDED
  • Deluxe Corporate Kit and Metal Seal Press INCLUDED
  • International Courier via FedEx INCLUDED
  • 24-hour Expedited Filing INCLUDED

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As your Registered Agent we will file a lawyer-approved Certificate of Incorporation/Formation for you with the following details:

  • Custom Articles of Incorporation, including:
    • General purpose
    • 1,500 authorized shares of stock at no par value
    • Limitation of director's liability language
    • Incorporator to form the corporation
    • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  • Record documents with Kent County Recorder of Deeds
  • Payment of all state and county filing fees
  • Appointment of initial director(s) or member(s) 
  • Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Formation
  • Registered agent (legal requirement) for the duration of the calendar year
    • Includes forwarding of official mail from the Secretary of State or other government offices, and legal documents served upon us as agent.

Deluxe Corporate Kit & Metal Seal Contents:

  • Deluxe Corporate Minute Book - Includes 15 imprinted stock certificates or membership certificates, sample minutes, by-laws and other forms - all in a vinyl minute book binder and slipcase with your Company Name imprinted in gold and a corporate metal seal press.

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EIN Retrieval

We will get you your EIN for your Corporation or LLC in 1 - 6 weeks (dependent on the IRS, we request your EIN the same day your company is formed) following the IRS regulations properly or if you are in a hurry we can get your EIN for you within 1 business day for an additional $100, still following IRS regulations properly, but a quicker, much more time consuming method. If you're thinking of getting an LLC and you don't already file personal tax returns in the USA you need to decide if you want to file your federal income taxes on a personal income tax return or a corporate income tax return or if your LLC has more than 1 owner if you can file personal and partnership returns in the USA or just a single corporate income tax return.


US Office & Mail Forwarding Service details

Your US Office (Real Office, not a PO Box):

Your Company Name
501 Silverside Rd Ste 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

  • Registration: Company Registration: 1 company and 2 officers of the company can be registered to receive mail. Personal registration: You and your spouse can be registered to receive mail.
  • Frequency: Once a week your mail will be repackaged and forwarded to the address you supply us.
  • Carrier: All mail is forwarded USPS first class air mail
  • Renewal fee: $300/year (or $165 for 6 months), includes 50 pieces of mail
  • Additional pieces of mail @ $0.50/piece
  • Actual Postage + 10% for forwarding (this equals our cost)
  • Address change: $5
  • Filters: We filter junk mail to keep your costs down. Only 1st class mail addressed specifically to you will be forwarded.

If we receive a package we will charge you $20 per occurrence. All packages will be opened for inspection so that a Customs Declaration can be made when forwarding the package out of the US. We reserve the right, as your office managers, to open any and all mail that comes in to the office (this is generally done only when it is a package or if we are making sure it isn't junk mail or when you've signed up for our Accounts Receivable Service).

We define a package as anything that requires a customs declaration form, or is over 1lb if mailing within the US. Please note that we are an office, not a mail depot. We are setup to handle mail and the occasional package. Packages must be under 30lbs.

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3rd party services:

US Phone #'s & Fax #s

  • If you have Broadband Internet we recommend for VoIP service, you can get a local Wilmington, DE phone# from them that rings wherever you are, and when you make phone calls from your phone your DE phone number shows up in the CallerID of the person you call. A great addition to your USBPP. Their Business Plans also include a separate Fax #.
  • Alternatively, if you would rather just have a number to forward to yourself and pay the long distance charges we recommend for phone service (it can be forwarded for you to answer or go straight to voicemail)
  • And for FREE fax service, but not a Delaware phone number, if it matters...



Accounts Receivable Service

This service is for clients who have US Corporate bank accounts already and who want us to forward US$ checks from their clients to their US Corporate bank account for deposit.

Requirements: US Office & Mail Forwarding account already setup and a US Corporate bank account

The Service

  • Your clients mail their US$ checks made out to your Company Name to our/your US address.
  • The checks and letter contents (should not be more than 1 page, like an invoice) will be scanned and emailed to you.
  • Checks from your clients will be mailed to your US Bank Account for deposit.
  • AR service is performed once/week.

The Fees

  • $100 (setup and first month) + $30/month thereafter + $1.50 per check over 15 checks per month. 
  • The $30 monthly fee will be billed at the beginning of the month for that month - by a recurring monthly charge to your credit card with your approval, of course. 


No Hidden Fees = No Surprises

Unlike other Registered Agent's we will NEVER charge your credit card for expected or unexpected future services. You are required to login to your account to pay your invoices yourself. (exception is the Accounts Receivable service billed monthly) Additional charges (billed by VI or the appropriate 3rd party): Different payment methods carry different associated fees that we pass on to you. For maintaining your corporation and registered agent, (in the second year) as follows: US$50/year for registered agent ($100/year if you give up the US Office/mail forwarding) + state fees of $300 (LLC) or $225 (Corp) - plus US federal income taxes (if applicable, talk to your accountant).