Heartbleed Vulnerability Patched!

Earlier today we completed several updates to our dedicated private server and have concluded through outside testing that our server is not vulnerable to the heartbleed bug.

We did use the version that had the bug in it, so at some point our server, along with about 70% of the rest of the internet, was vulnerable at one time.

At no time was it brought to our attention that our server had been compromised through heartbleed, but one of the characteristics of heartbleed is that no one is, unless the hacker goes for blackmail. Since we haven't received any emails telling us we've been hacked (and that's the only way anyone could know prior to the bug being announced and honey pots created) we suspect it didn't happen and that your data continues to be very safe with us.


By the way, in order for the hacker to have gotten your information (or mine I suppose) they would have had to be attacking our site while you were entering your details, or while I was logging on as it only sends them 64k of whatever is in the servers temporary memory at that moment. The chances that any of your data was exposed even if someone was hacking us is slim to none.

We look forward to continuing to serve our great customers (that's all of you!) and the new one's that come along.