USA Government Shut Down Affects EIN Retrieval

Due to the USA Government shutdown the IRS is closed and not processing new EIN requests. This will create a back log and further delays (from the IRS) once they come back to work. So if you order an un-expedited EIN Retrieval from us you can bet it will take a long while to get it.
Obviously, if you order an Expedited EIN Retrieval, which we usually get the same or next business day depending on what time you order, it will also have to wait for the IRS to open again, but as soon as they are open again we will make sure we get your EIN as soon as possible. It may not be same day, but it will literally be as soon as they'll give it to us, because we will stay on them until they do, just for you!

We love our clients, and it shows.

Thank you,
David Gendron